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Nachi Pressure Controls

Nachi R Series Pressure Control Valves

These relief valves are rated up to 3000 psi. They feature a balanced piston design, providing smooth, dependable operation throughout a wide range of pressures and can be used as a safety valve. They are mounted inline and are equipped to be controlled remotely via the vent port.

Nachi R series pressure control relief valves

Nachi R Series Pressure Control Valves

Nachi R Series Model Numbers:

  • R-T06-1-E20
  • R-T06-3-E20
  • R-T10-1-E20
  • R-T10-3-E20
  • R-G03-1-12
  • R-G03-2-5594B
  • R-G03-3-12
  • R-G06-1-20
  • R-G06-3-20
  • R-T03-B-12
  • R-T03-1-12