Hydraulics and Nachi Robotics - A Powerful Combination

Nachi robotics photo

Progressive Power & Control helps manufacturers integrate hydraulic systems with Nachi Robots to create safe, efficient, highly productive manufacturing systems.

Robotics is the new frontier in manufacturing, and Nachi is at the forefront with robots designed for many different manufacturing functions, including common applications such as:

Spot Welding

Nachi obot performing spot welding

Arc Welding

Nachi robot performing arc welding


Nachi robot deburring metal part

Material Handling

Nachi robot doing material handling


Nachi robot palletizing boxes


Nachi robot dispensing adhesive

advantages of using industrial robots in manufacturing

Enjoy this video presentation put together by Nachi Robotics to illustrate what robots are capable of in manufacturing environments.

System Design

PPC will spearhead a team effort with you, Nachi and our trusted integration partners to design your system, including:

  • Cell Design
  • Fixture Design
  • End-of-arm Tooling

On-going Support

PPC can provide on-going support for robot programming, hardware and maintenance through Nachi and our preferred partners

We’ll ensure you have the help you need to keep your operations running smoothly.