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Poclain CreepDrive System

The Poclain CreepDrive system is a solution built around independent hydrostatic and mechanical transmission which shift from one to the other by activating a switch on the CreepDrive box. The mechanical transmission is used for road and highway travel while the hydrostatic transmission is used during work cycles. A CDM 222-050 CreepDrive motor is installed between the transmission and differential and mechanically linked to the transmission shaft input and output. At low speed, the electronic control handles smooth starting, braking and cruise control functions. Poclain's CreepDrive system can fit every type of transmission brand.


  • CreepDrive Box: The control unit includes the joystick, the display and stop and start buttons
  • P90 Pump: Provides the flow to the hydraulic circuit
  • CDM 222-050 CreepDrive Motor: Provides the tractive effort to the shaft
  • Tank, cooler, and filter: Stores and cools the hydraulic circuit oil
  • Valves: Deflects oil to the cooling system

Poclain CreepDrive dual transmission system for work vehicles