RR USA Reggiana Riduttori Mobile Hydraulic Components:

Progressive Power & Control sells RR USA planetary gear reducers, steering systems, slew drives, wheel drives, hydraulic motors and valves, manifolds and brake systems for mobile machines from Reggiana Riduttori.

photo collage of RRUSA hydraulic parts

Inline Planetary Gear Reducers

Male spline and female spline inline gear reducers

Planetary Gear Reducers with Hollow Output Shafts

For use with shrink disc clamping system

Right Angle Planetary Gear Reducers

Male spline and female spline inline right-angle gear reducers

Planetary Gear Reducers with Foot Mounts

Designed for industrial use such as material handling and machine tools

Parallel Shaft Reducers

With helical gears, horizontal bevel gears, and vertical bevel gears

Slew Drive Gear Reducers and Slewing Bearings

Specifically designed for slew drive needs such as in cranes, excavators, wind turbines and aerial platforms

Wheel Drives for Tracked and Off-road Vehicles

A wide range of sizes for all tracked (RRTD) and rim/tire vehicles (RRWD)

Rotary Manifolds

Hydraulic-electric rotary manifolds with zero leak seals

Complete Brake Systems

Brake systems with hydraulic servo control, two-stage brake cylinders, brakes for farm trailers, and SAFIM S6 brakes

Hydraulic Motors and Valves for Hydraulic Motors

Low speed, high torque hydraulic motors, plus valves

Steering Columns and Steering Valves

Complete steering systems for mobile machines

Heavy Equipment Seats

Seats for mobile machinery