Von Ruden Manufacturing, Inc.

Hydraulic Motors and Gear Boxes

Von Ruden axial vane motors, Rolseal and servo motors, gearboxes from Progressive Power & Control - hydraulics distributor in Indianapolis.

Axial Vane Motors

  • Precise, repeatable positioning
  • Available in Servo and Industrial grades
  • RolSeal
  • Rotary abutment hydraulic motors
  • 92-94% starting torque
  • Minimal torque ripple
  • Dependable in adverse conditions
  • Double ended shafting available

Von Ruden Rol-Seal Motors

  • Higher Starting Torque
  • Higher Running Torque
  • More Useable Speed
  • Long Life

Hydraulic Motor Brakes

Rear-mounted, wet friction disc brakes for Rol-Seal and Axial Vane motors. Prevenst creep under high static load, or where positive locking of motor shaft is required. Your choice of torque capacity.

Overhung Load Adaptors (OLA)

Designed to protect hydraulic pump/motor bearings from the pressure applied outside of the final shaft bearing. Also called bearing blocks.

Right-angle and Custom-angle Bevel Gearboxes

  • Bevel gear in the shape of a cone
  • Connect intersecting shafts
  • Mounted on shafts that are at 90°
  • Not restricted to 90° mounting

Planetary Gearboxes

  • Large variety of input and output flanges, shafts and mounting
  • Available with Von Ruden motors
  • Excellent start-up torque
  • Roller bearings and large-tapered bearings on most models
  • Interchangable with other manufacturers using optional flanges
  • Internal gears
  • Heat treated alloy steel
  • Heat treated ductile iron
  • Steel alloy ring gears