Custom Hydraulic Valve Packages, Hydraulic Manifolds, and Integrated Circuits

Our custom hydraulic systems eliminate leaks and other traditional hydraulic design problems, creating clean, trouble-free systems that are efficient in function and design. If you have a production line need and can't find the right components to fulfill the need, contact Progressive Power & Control to discuss your needs.

Progressive Power & Control creates innovative custom hydraulic systems, such as:

Hydraulic power units (HPU) up to 150hp for industrial and mobile uses

Hydraulic power unit with drip rail

Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

custom hydraulic cylinders

Custom Hydraulic Manifolds

integrated hydraulic valve manifolds built custom by Progressive Power & Control in Indianapolis, IN

Custom Valve Packages

Custom spool valves

Programmable AC Servo Motors

programmable AC servo motors

Radio Remote Controllers

programmable radio remote controllers for hydraulic systems